Semi-Permanent make-up

Enhance your natural beauty with specialist hypoallergenic pigments to make subtle or bold improvements to your appearance.

Benefits of Semi-Permanent make-up

  • Save time applying daily make-up
  • Avoid lip and eye make-up smudging
  • Redefine and enhance eyebrows
  • No need to reapply after sports or swimming


How long does it last?

The exact time will depend on the person and can be anywhere between 2 to 5 years.

You can have the colour refreshed at any time to restore any faded vibrancy.

What areas can be treated?

Popular areas and treatments include;


  • Natural lip contour definer
  • Natural lip contour definer & blush shading
  • Natural lip contour definer & full lip tint
Lips before and after











  • Discreet lash definer (enhancement between eyelashes inside the eye ash line)
  • Fine eyeliner (through eyelashes and a fine line above the eyelashes)
  • Thick eyeliner (through eyelashes and a thick line above the eyelashes)
  • Super thick eyeliner (like thick eyeliner but with a created style like glamorous or 60’s style)

Eyeliner before and after










  • Enhance and reshape eyebrows 

Semi permanent make-up can also be used to conceal medical scars, patches of white skin caused by Vitiligo, Reconstruction of areola/nipple complex and hair or beard replacement.

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