Kim and Kanye spotted at Laser Hair Removal clinic

kim and kanyeReality TV star Kim Kardashian, who has admitted to having her entire body lasered, has now got her boyfriend Kanye West in on the action.

The two were seen entering a laser hair removal centre in Santa Monica, California earlier today, where Kim attends regularly. She says laser hair removal treatments are responsible for her flawless complexion.

It has not been revealed what treatments Kanye had however laser hair removal is a popular treatment for men.

Typical areas men have treated are;

  • Beard reshaping (lasering the neck and cheeks)
  • Chest hair removal
  • Back hair removal
  • Removing hair from hands and feet

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Evening Standard – Life beyond the Knife

15 June 2011 Columnist Liz Hogard discusses the alternatives to having a surgical facelift. She visits Dr Fredric Brandt, dermatologist to the stars (Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Marc Jacobs) for a consultation and discusses latest advances in non-surgical solutions.

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Evening Standard – Dare to Bare

3rd July 2011 It is getting harder to define a person’s age these days with the wide array of effective anti-ageing treatments available. One of the tell-tale signs of ageing can be found on one’s décolletage, which is commonly affected by sun exposure. There are now non-surgical treatments to even erase these tell-tale signs.

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Evening Standard – Pro-tox

20 July 2011 The rise of botox use amongst professional to erase signs of stress and age, and how appearances mean everything for high powered professionals.—

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Daily Mail – Kim Kardashian exposes her Psoriasis

28 July 2011Kim Kardashian was spotted out and about in LA in a fashionable short skirt, exposing her psoriasis condition on her legs. She showed a picture of confidence leading up to her high profile wedding despite sufferring from the skin condition. She recently revealed how she has been suffering from the skin condition in an episode of her reality show watched by millions around the world.

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