Microdermabrasion in Twickenham

A cosmetic treatment without the fuss, microdermabrasion is a non-surgical method of clearing and smoothing the skin for men and women. It is suitable for all and any skin types and can be used on skin across the body – including the face.

Microdermabrasion is used to smooth away fine lines, clear up acne-prone skin and minimise large pores, along with a number of other skin issues, including the scars left from a tattoo removal.

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Eczema treatments in Twickenham

Eczema treatments in Twickenham

Eczema is a widespread skin complaint effecting around one person in every nine across the UK. There is no one single cause, but genetic and environmental factors can be involved. The familiar symptoms include dry reddened skin, itching, flaking, cracking and bleeding. These can cause discomfort and pain to the sufferer. Topical treatment with eczema creams can bring good relief from the symptoms, and it also helps if trigger factors which aggravate the condition can be identified and managed. Our dermatologists can guide sufferers through a treatment programme and test for eczema triggers.

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Twickenham Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers in Twickenham

If you are having trouble with fine lines or wrinkles on your skin, then a treatment of dermal fillers might be right for you. Dermal fillers are made of different types of collagen and synthetic materials, and are injected into soft tissue to give a more ‘plumped up’ look, therefore reducing the appearance of lines. It only takes around 30 to 45 minutes and topical anaesthetic makes it pain-free!

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Twickenham Dermaroller

Dermaroller treatments in Twickenham

If you live or work in the Twickenham area, and want divine-looking skin, take a look here for a dermaroller treatment could be just the ticket. All the information you need is either on site or just a phone call away.

What is Dermaroller?

Dermaroller treatments, encourages collagen-production for improved skin appearance. After a cream has been applied, containing a topical anaesthetic that minimises any discomfort, the small roller wheel moves forward and back over the area being treated. Wherever on the body the dermaroller moves, it stimulates skin renewal to remarkably improve skin quality. Reviews on the treatment suggest any skin inflammation that follows a treatment subsides within a day.

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Pigmentation Treatments in Twickenham

Pigmentation is the name given to the colouring of an individual’s skin. Normally, the skin appears even in colour. However, when patches of the skin turn darker in colour, this is known as hyperpigmentation

What is Hyperpigmentation? 

Caused by an overproduction of melanin, the substance responsible for colour and can result for a number of reasons, including hormonal changes and pregnancy. Exposure to sunlight is amongst the most common causes. Women will often experience it due to changing levels or sensitivity to hormones.

Melasma is a common form of hyperpigmentation. The condition is characterised by brown patches of skin. Melasma is known to occur in pregnancy and it is for this reason that the condition is often referred to as the “mask of pregnancy”. However, men can develop melasma too. 

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Mole Removal in Twickenham

How do you remove a mole?

Two methods can be used for mole removal – hyfrecation, or shave excision. Both these techniques offer cheap, quick mole removal and are carried out by our highly trained expert dermatologists.

Hyrefraction uses small electrical currents to destroy the mole by cutting off its blood supply. This is usually used on flat moles.

With shave excision, a local anaesthetic is used to keep the treatment pain-free and a small cut is made to remove the mole. It’s quick, and usually heals without a scar.

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Twickenham Acne Treatments

Do you suffer from acne? Our team of expert dermatologists and nurses have a over twenty years of experience and a variety of specialist treatments designed to tackle any severity of acne. How to clear up acne The first thing to consider are skin products, which are used for prevention and are usually the first line of defence. Secondly a skin peel can clear up your symptoms significantly, providing releif from acne. This is often used combined with the systematic medicines prescribed by a dermatologist. The most severe cases can be treated with the specialist Regenlite laser. Specialist acne treatments We also offer treatments for acne scarring, such as dermaroller, skin peels and skin fillers. This range of treatments […]

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