Microdermabrasion in Norwood Green

Microdermabrasion specialists

For safe and effective treatments to rejuvenate tired skin, medical microdermabrasion is unrivalled. It relies on the careful application of tiny sterile crystals to gently lift dead skin cells and detritus from even sensitive and hard to reach areas of the skin. Full courses of treatment are available at Miravue skin care clinics in Norwood Green, typically consisting of six individual sessions at four weekly intervals. Medical microdermabrasion is only available under the guidance of trained specialists.

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Eczema treatments in Norwood Green

Eczema specialists

Miravue dermatologists are highly trained health care professionals who can advise on the best options for treatment and management of eczema, based on their examination of individual cases. Private consultations at our skin care clinics near Norwood Green are available to provide a personalised and confidential service, including testing for trigger factors.

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Norwood Green dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are growing in popularity and are available for many reasons.

For example, you may want to smooth out facial wrinkles, add definition to the lips, smooth out and reduce crows feet, minimise scarring on the face or firm up the chin line.

Whatever your reason for getting facial fillers, our team of experts lead by dermatologists will be happy to help you.

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Norwood Green Dermaroller treatments

What is Dermaroller?

The dermaroller procedure involves a micro-needled roller used to puncture the skin, allowing it to produce large amounts of the vital structural fibre, collagen. 

Boost collagen by up to 400%

Collagen is naturally occurring substance in the skin that gives it a youthful firmness and glow. Collagen fibres degenerate as we age, and this is when fine lines appear. During a dermaroller treatment, the skin is encouraged to produce new collagen fibres, which in turn helps combat the signs of ageing. 

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Hyperpigmentation Treatments in Norwood Green

Anyone can develop uneven skin tone. The condition develops very slowly but when it does make itself apparent, it can significantly impact an individual’s confidence, particularly as it often makes them look older than their actual age. 

What is Hyperpigmentation?

In individuals with the condition, the melanin-producing cells present in skin go into overdrive and this means that they produce more melanin than usual. Melanin is a substance that affects the colour of the skin. When melanin is present in excess in certain areas of the skin, dark spots will result. The opposite of hyperpigmentation is hypopigmentation, which develops when melanin is not produced in sufficient quantities, the most common form of this is Vitiligo

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Norwood Green Mole Removal

Mole Treatment in Norwood Green

If you have a mole, you are not alone. Moles are quite a common phenomenon, and are usually quite benign meaning that they pose no health risk. You may wish to have treatment for mole removal, due to cosmetic or practical reasons. Our team of expert dermatologists have plenty of experience with treating moles, and see patients from all around the Norwood Green area as well as elsewhere in the UK.

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Treatments for Acne in Norwood Green

Acne breakouts are not only devastating to self-esteem while the initial breakout is visible, but can deal a lasting blow to self-esteem when  you are left with deep pitted scars that remain visible long after the acne itself is gone. If acne has affected your life, let our expert team lead by dermatologists provide you with a consultation that will result in the prompt, effective treatment for your individual acne needs.

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Laser Hair Removal Norwood Green

Our expert team lead by dermatologists have been providing cosmetic and medical skin treatments to people from Norwood Green for over 20 years!

All treatments are performed in our purpose-built medical centre based in Southall, just off Lady Margaret Road

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