Simona Salma

Simona Salma is a qualified Laser Aesthetician and Beauty Therapist with a NVQ Level 3 Diploma. She has previously worked with leading beauty clinics in London providing the latest beauty treatments.

simonasalmaSimona carries out highly effective ND YAG Laser Hair Removal treatments on patients with excessive hair growth as well as PCOS and Hirsuitism sufferers.

Her laser therapy skills extend to the Regenlite medical laser treating Acne, scarring, lines and wrinkles and general facial rejuvenation. She also uses the laser for treating Vascular conditions such as thread veins (telangiectasia), Rosacea, Port Wine Stains and more.

Simona is highly proficient in Medical grade Microdermabrasion treatments, which she can combine with the other treatments for optimal results.

Simona educates and advises clients on personalized skincare regimes for maintenance or to treat common skin issues using advanced skincare products and cosmeceuticals.

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