Ethnic Skin


Miravue dermatologists are experts in Ethnic skin and are specialists in treating patients from all walks of life.

Structurally Ethnic skin differs as the collagen fibres and fibroblasts are denser and more compact in the dermis. This means that ageing signs occur much later in the skin.

Another significant difference with ethnic skin is the higher levels of pigment (melanin). The epidermis skin layer in all people have the same amount of melanocytes, however in darkly pigmented individuals, these cells produce more melanin. Melanin, which is packaged in large melanosomes, is the pigment that gives skin its colour. In coloured skin, there are far greater amounts of melanosomes all over the epidermis and they tend to be bigger in size.

There can be skin issues associated with having a high level of pigment in your skin. Melanin can eventually and permanently mar the skin's thick protective layer along with other concerns due to high pigment levels.

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