Do the changing seasons affect your skin?

Do you simply love the changing seasons? As a new season approaches, do you feel a sense of hope and excitement? However, the drastic fluctuations in temperature and humidity that come with the various seasons can play havoc with your skin. Here is how the changing weather can affect your skin and what our cutting-edge innovations at the Miravue Skin Clinic can do to help you.

Winter Woes

Freezing winter air and winds can directly irritate sensitive skin (New York University Journalism, 2012). In addition, as the temperatures plummet the air becomes very dry, parching skin as the natural moisture disappears. This causes red patches and the build-up of dead skin cells that then clog pores, causing dreaded acne (New York University Journalism, 2012). Acne is an extremely widespread skin problem and is characterised by pus-filled spots and ugly blackheads (British Association of Dermatologists, 2013).

Summer Stresses

Many people enjoy healthy, clear skin during the summer. The relatively high humidity throughout the warm months can restore the moisture lost during the winter, softening the skin (New York University Journalism, 2012). However, for other people the warm months bring another set of problems. Summer weather is not kind to their skin at all, since acne can worsen as temperatures soar. This is because hikes in temperature and humidity encourage more sweating than normal, producing more of the oil which blocks tiny pores (New York University Journalism, 2012). Summer weather can also encourage annoying and persistent bacterial and fungal skin infections (New York University Journalism, 2012).

In light of all of this, your summer skin care regime will need to be different from your winter programme. For example, the type of cleanser that you need in the summer will be different from your end-of-year cleanser (Graf and Bowman, 2007).

Our expert services

At Miravue Skin Clinic, we excel in effectively treating acne, excessive sweating and sun-damaged skin as well as the other problems that come with the changing seasons. We use a series of specialised treatments and amazing products to do this. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you to care for your skin throughout the entire year.

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