5 Celebrities with Shocking Sun Damage

5 Celebrities with Shocking Sun Damage: Watch out Hollywood because there are at least five celebrities with shocking sun damage! Check out how direct sun and tanning beds have taken their toll on the skin of these stars.

Robert Redford

Perhaps Robert Redford's new movie All is Lost is referring to the loss of his youthful glow as his sun damaged skin has aged him considerably. While his face looked flawless in the 70s, the legendary actor now has deep wrinkles around his eyes that seem to age him beyond his years.

Gemma Merna

Well known for her role as Carmel on TV's Hollyoaks, actress Gemma Merna has damaged skin underneath her stage makeup. She has admitted several times publicly that she felt pressured when she was younger to use tanning beds. Her pale skin shows freckles along her nose and cheeks, which are the starting signs of damaged skin.

Liz McClarnon

This pop singer and dancer has two hit albums and, unfortunately, also has seriously sun damaged skin. As with Merna, she used sunbeds as a teenager. While McClarnon claims to no longer use the beds, which are shown to increase risks of getting melanoma (skin cancer), her face shows spots and uneven skin tone that is at least partly due to exposure to their UV rays.

Clint Eastwood

Starring in countless movies, Clint Eastwood also has more wrinkles and age spots than we can count. A quick look at his face reveals signs of damage from the sun's strong rays that have accumulated over many years of outdoor film sets and vacations. Eastwood's skin has not aged gracefully.

Lara Flynn Boyle

It may be her love of the sun that gave actress Lara Flynn Boyle the sunspots across her chest that have been noted in photo shoots. Such spots usually appear on the shoulders, chest, arms and other areas repeatedly exposed to the sun. These marks are a sure sign of sun damage.

Celebrities seek out fun in the sun, but it takes its toll on their skin as the sun's rays prematurely age them. The results include age spots, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation to their face, arms, hands and other areas. They may want to seek out cosmetic treatments to fight the effects of sun damage, such as getting skin peels and fillers.

Image by U.S. Embassy photographer JP Evans [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 

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