Moles versus freckles – How are they different?

Do you ever wonder how moles and freckles differ?

Although they are both types of skin pigmentation, they contrast in many ways. By knowing the differences, you can better understand your body and detect any warning signs.

Do you ever wonder how moles and freckles differDifferences in appearance

Moles and freckles differ in colour and other appearance details. Usually, moles are dark brown, while freckles vary in colour, from red to brown. In addition, freckles are flat, while moles can be either flat or raised up on the skin.

Moles and freckles: When they develop

Moles are pigmented spots that appear at birth. They can become darker over time, often due to sun exposure or hormonal changes during pregnancy. You can find the spots anywhere on the body from your ear to your ankle.

On the other hand, you are not born with freckles. Instead, the patches develop on the skin as the skin is exposed to the sun. That process explains why many fair-skinned people have freckles and why they usually appear on the face, legs and arms, which are areas commonly exposed to the sun.

Cancer risk: Moles versus freckles

Rarely do freckles become cancerous. Moles are more likely than freckles to be prone to cancer, but the risk of this happening is low.

While both types of skin spots are usually harmless, they can change in size, colour and shape over time. The changes can be warning signs of skin cancer, so we recommend you see a dermatologist if you notice that happen to you, to determine if it needs removal.

If you don't like how your moles and freckles affect your appearance, they can be removed for cosmetic reasons too.

To learn more about skin pigmentation and removal, come speak with one of our experienced dermatologists today.




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