5 Surprising Celebrities with Acne!

5 Surprising Celebrities with Acne! Even celebrities get acne! Check out these five celebs that battle skin issues and hide their pimples surprisingly well.

Eve Cameron

Well known journalist Eve Cameron has publicly recalled being tormented in high school for blemishes on her face, with bullies saying, "boil" as she passed by them. She explained that the acne lowered her self-confidence until, in her mid-30s, she sought the help of a specialist to get clear skin.

Victoria Beckham

"Posh" spice has faced pimple problems in adulthood, with some of her acne breakouts caught in photos taken by the paparazzi. The presence of spots goes to show that even with fame, riches and a marriage to a soccer heartthrob, acne does not discriminate.

Billie Piper

The former Dr. Who star also has skin issues. Billie Piper's acne breakouts began during adolescence, which is a common time to get the spots due to hormonal imbalance and stress. Several photos of the actress without airbrushing are viewable online, showing that even celebrities get spotty skin now and then.

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan gets pimples too. Photographers have snapped the actress with acne along her chin, a problem area for many people. While concealer helps cover the spots during the day, it's only a temporary solution.

Katy Perry

As a teenager, Katy Perry suffered from severe acne. She still gets a spotty complexion sometimes, even on singing tours. She has said that during photoshoots she feels like the pimples go 3D but that being open to talking about her skin issues is part of being genuine.

Adolescent and adult acne can affect everyone, from celebrities to regular people. It often causes sufferers to be self-conscious, and it can lead to scarring, as well. Even with these issues, however, you can still have the clear, smooth skin you desire.

Several cosmetic treatments are available to help you,including chemical peels and skin fillers. To find out more about your options, book an appointment with one of our dermatologists today.

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