Dangers of removing skin tags at home

Skin tags are small pieces of skin that are harmless and painless, but you may want to remove them for aesthetic reasons or if they feel uncomfortable. While you may be tempted to remove them at home, rather than at a dermatologist's office, there are dangers of doing so.

Risk of infection and bleeding

While it may seem easiest to get rid of the skin growth by cutting it off with a pair of scissors, doing so can cause an infection if those scissors are not sterile. Also, the cutting can lead to excess bleeding.

Danger of scarring

You also risk permanent scarring of your skin when you try to remove the skin tag at home rather than seeing a dermatologist. If you pull at the skin incorrectly or use excess force, you risk tearing bodily tissue, which can heal into a scar.

Missed warning signs

Although skin tags are usually benign, the cause of the growth may be an undiagnosed medical disorder. Unfortunately, if you decide to remove it yourself, you miss the opportunity for a doctor to see the growth and diagnose the underlying disorder.

In addition, what you think is a skin tag may actually be a cancerous growth. If skin cancer goes undetected for a long time, it can become more severe and even be fatal. In an appointment with a dermatologist, the qualified professional would detect the cancer and begin to offer a suitable treatment method.

When you have a skin tag – or, what you believe to be a skin tag – it's safest to see a dermatologist to get it properly removed. Usually only one cosmetic treatment is necessary. Our expert team is happy to provide you with more information about skin tag removal, keeping you away from the above mentioned dangers and looking your best.

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