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You will be surprised by how many common injuries and chronic complaints can be relieved through physiotherapy. If you live in the Hounslow area, why not see what we have to offer?

Gentle Relief from Chronic Pain

Able to provide a range of heat treatments, as well as therapeutic massage and some low grade manipulation, physiotherapists can

offer plenty of options to ease the symptoms of degenerative joint conditions such as arthritis. As well as relieving pain, if you live in Hounslow your physiotherapist will be able to prescribe a suitable exercise routine to improve mobility of the affected parts.

Relief for Your Bad Back – Even Chronic Cases

If you’ve been plagued by a bad back for decades and are in the Hounslow area, it’s worth making an appointment to see how a physiotherapist can help. Able to provide gentle manipulations which can relieve many back injuries, physiotherapists are also trained to reduce muscle tension and devise customised exercises to strengthen muscles surrounding weak joints, for increased support.

Chest Conditions are a Speciality

As well as working on joints and muscles, physiotherapists are aware of specialist techniques to clear the chest and increase respiratory efficiency. For sufferers from bronchitis, COPD, repeated chest infections or several other lung conditions, physiotherapy treatments can gently increase lung capacity and promote good breathing habits.

Wherever you are in Hounslow and whatever your condition or injury, it’s always worth investigating what treatment options physiotherapy might be able to offer.

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