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If you live in Chiswick and thought physiotherapy was only for sporting injuries and rugby types, think again. Physiotherapy can be used to manage a range of different conditions, providing lasting relief to sufferers.

Relieve the Pain of Aching Joints

Many people suffer from a "dodgy knee" or "gammy hip". Whether due to the after effects of a trauma or general over use, an aching joint is common. Even if you are waiting for surgery on the joint, or have had surgery and are now recovering, physiotherapy can help increase your range of movement and reduce pain, enabling you to move more easily.

Improve Your Posture and Walking

A large number of people suffer from strained muscles and joints due to poor posture when walking or sitting. A physiotherapist in Chiswick can perform a full gait (walking) analysis and determine changes you can make in order to distribute weight more evenly or correct other bad habits which are causing you to suffer.

Do You Suffer from Muscle Weakness? A physiotherapist in Chiswick can help.

Whether you suffer from muscle weakness due to inactivity, or have suffered an injury which has resulted in wasting, there is plenty that can be done to increase muscle strength. Regular sessions with a physiotherapist enable you to gradually build up the affected muscles, using bespoke exercises tailored to your specific requirements.

Physiotherapy can help many people with all sorts of conditions, so take time to find out more about how it can enhance your wellbeing.

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