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If a bad leg or aching arm is preventing you from undertaking everyday tasks, a physiotherapist in Brentford may be the solution to your problems.

Making Everyday Jobs Manageable

As well as providing a selection of pain-relieving topical treatments and suggesting exercises for strengthening and mobilising aching joints, physiotherapists can also suggest ways to make performing activities of daily living easier. Whilst not normally able to prescribe adapted equipment or home improvements, a physiotherapist can advise on safe lifting techniques and ways of utilising household appliances in ways which will minimise discomfort.

A Physiotherapist in Brentford Can Help Strengthen Your Back

Pain from crushed nerves can mean your back muscles become weak, resulting in poor posture and aching muscles. Physiotherapists can prescribe exercises to strengthen the affected areas, as well as devising resting positions and movements which relieve pressure on back nerves which may be crushed by a slipped disc or other medical condition. These exercises can almost always be used in conjunction with the treatments your GP or consultant has recommended.

On-going Treatment for Chronic Conditions

If you have a chronic condition, waiting for the relief physiotherapy can bring during a flare-up can be a frustrating experience. A physiotherapist in Brentford may well be able to see you quickly, offering several methods of managing your condition more comfortably.

From systemic conditions to acute injuries, physiotherapy has the potential to play an active role in the healing process, as well as providing relief from symptoms for varying periods of time.

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