Eczema treatments in West Drayton

Red itchy skin

One of the most distinctive symptoms of eczema is red, itchy skin, although there are others to be aware of like flaking, blistering, drying and cracking of the skin, and bleeding. Eczema affects an estimated one in nine people in the UK, making it one of the most widespread skin complaints. Some eczema cases are present from birth but people can develop it when they are older. 

Eczema triggers

There are numerous environmental factors which can aggravate eczema, and cause the symptoms to flare up. Most are chemical in nature, such as solvents, detergents, cleaning products and the like, but physical irritation from animal dander, some fabrics and dust mite residues can also be involved. If the appropriate trigger factors can be identified, it becomes much easier for sufferers to manage their condition.

Eczema treatments in West Drayton

Book a confidential consultation with a dermatologist at our clinic near West Drayton for personalised advice on how to treat and manage your eczema. Allergen testing to identify specific trigger factors can be valuable in preventing the occurrence of symptoms. The pain and irritation caused by eczema usually respond well to topical creams, and systemic treatments are also available for more severe cases.

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