Eczema treatments in Twickenham

Eczema treatments in Twickenham

Eczema is a widespread skin complaint effecting around one person in every nine across the UK. There is no one single cause, but genetic and environmental factors can be involved. The familiar symptoms include dry reddened skin, itching, flaking, cracking and bleeding. These can cause discomfort and pain to the sufferer. Topical treatment with eczema creams can bring good relief from the symptoms, and it also helps if trigger factors which aggravate the condition can be identified and managed. Our dermatologists can guide sufferers through a treatment programme and test for eczema triggers.

Eczema triggers

There are many environmental factors which can cause eczema to flare up. These include food allergies, common ingredients in many household and hygiene products, and a range of fabrics. Dust mites, animal fur and pet allergies can play a role in some cases, too. No two sufferers are alike, so proper testing is a valuable tool in tackling outbreaks of the symptoms.

Eczema specialists

Our dermatologists are fully trained to evaluate individual eczema cases and to advise on the best options for treatment and management. Private consultations are available at our skin care clinics to provide a personal and confidential service.

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