Eczema Treatments In Chiswick

Symptoms of eczema can include scaling, cracking and bleeding of the skin along with a redness which is often characteristic of this condition. But what can be done?

Eczema Treatments

At the present time there is no cure for eczema. However there are currently a number of treatments available to reduce some of the symptoms of this condition. A topically applied glucocorticoid (a medication with a function in allergy and inflammation reduction) will reduce symptoms in most moderate cases, but in severe cases a more systemic drug may be required, normally administered as a pill or an injection. Emmolient can also help avoid cracking and bleeding in milder cases of the illness.

Eczema Triggers

There are many eczema triggers currently known: animal fur, harsh soaps and certain fabric softeners, and even certain foods just to name a few. These tend vary quite a bit from person to person, and so a doctor's appointment is necessary to confirm your possible triggers.

Eczema Specialists

Often dermatologists specifically working in Eczema, these doctors will be able to assess exactly what triggers your eczema and what the options are for the best possible reduction of your symptoms.

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