Eczema treatments in Brentford

Eczema triggers

Eczema is one of the most common skin complaints, affecting as many as one in nine of the UK population. Many sufferers will have been born with the condition, but for others, onset can occur later in life. There is no single cause of eczema and cases tend to be individual, but much has been learnt about trigger factors that can provoke a flare up. These include many common chemicals, allergies to foods from wheat and nuts to dairy products, even extreme weather conditions. Some sufferers are sensitive to metals like copper and nickel, whilst others react badly to dust from pets or skin contact with some soaps, shampoos and household cleaning products.

Eczema treatments in Brentford 

For effective management of eczema, it really helps to know which trigger factors are involved for any particular sufferer. The dermatologists at our skin care clinic near Brentford can test for common allergies, allowing the responsible triggers to be brought under control. They can also guide sufferers through a treatment plan that can relieve the pain and irritation caused by eczema.

Eczema creams

Some of the most effective treatments for relieving eczema are topical creams that can be applied to the cracked or flaking areas of skin. Products recommended for eczema sufferers include A-Derma Skin Care Cream, A-Derma Exomega Emollient Cream and Avene Trixéra+ Selectiose Emollient cream, available from our online shop.

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