Yeading Dermaroller Treatments

What is Dermaroller?

Dermaroller is a non-invasive and safe medical procedure where a multi-needled roller is used to puncture the skin to varying depths, depending on the sevarity of the lines, wrinkles or scarring. This stimulates the production of collagen; a naturally occurring structural fibre in the skin. The results of this procedure are not temporary, either; clinicians report that clients who have received this treatment continue to see the benefits for years afterwards.

Remove wrinkles and get rid of scars

The amount of collagen our skin contains decreases as we age, and this causes the appearance of wrinkles. Dermaroller treatments encourage the skin to produce large amounts of new collagen, and this helps to fight the signs of ageing and give skin its youthful firmness once again. This is a healing process, and may also be used to target the scarring left behind by acne, or even reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Dermaroller treatments in Yeading

Dermaroller treatments are virtually painless due to the use of a local or topical anaesthetic, and after it has begun to work a treatment takes around ten minutes. For best results, it is advised that 4-6 sessions are undertaken spaced out in 8-12 week intervals.

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