West Drayton Dermaroller Treatments

Dermaroller utilises the body's own healing process by stimulating the production of collagen. This is achieved by rolling a micro-needled implement over the skin to permeate to the lower layers, and can have long lasting results; all without harsh chemicals or invasive surgery.

Massively boost collagen

Collagen is the substance found in the skin that keeps it looking smooth and firm. As we age, our collagen levels decrease, which causes the skin to sag and appear older. Production of collagen through dermaroller treatments reduce the signs of ageing; eliminating fine lines and smoothing out wrinkles. As this is a healing process, it can also be used to treat stretch marks, and even the damage caused by acne.

Dermaroller treatments in West Drayton

For best results, 4-6 sessions between 8-12 week intervals are advised. Medical professionals such as doctors or nurses carry out the treatments, the equipment is of the highest medical grade quality, and the use of a topical or local anaesthetic ensures that the pain is kept to a minimum.

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