Twickenham Dermaroller

Dermaroller treatments in Twickenham

If you live or work in the Twickenham area, and want divine-looking skin, take a look here for a dermaroller treatment could be just the ticket. All the information you need is either on site or just a phone call away.

What is Dermaroller?

Dermaroller treatments, encourages collagen-production for improved skin appearance. After a cream has been applied, containing a topical anaesthetic that minimises any discomfort, the small roller wheel moves forward and back over the area being treated. Wherever on the body the dermaroller moves, it stimulates skin renewal to remarkably improve skin quality. Reviews on the treatment suggest any skin inflammation that follows a treatment subsides within a day.

Improve Your Skin

With plumper skin, shadows and blemishes often disappear along with some wrinkles, which can make a person appear older. The result show improvements such as getting rid of scars, and is especially effective at removing or reducing the appearance of acne scarring. A dermaroller treatment can enhance and repair several surface skin problems and leave you looking great and feeling more confident about your appearance without having to undergo invasive surgery.

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