West Drayton acne treatments

Combating a condition like acne can be a long process. It can easily prolong to decades if not treated properly which is why its advisable to seek treatment from experts as soon as possible. 

Acne Treatments

So far, the most effective treatment for acne is regenlite laser which is a pulse dye laser, recommended by team of experts lead by dermatologists near West Drayton. A large number of people seeking regenlite laser therapy have reported substantial improvement. The treatment is particularly successful in treating white acne and other types of acne as well, such as acne vulgaris.

The other most commonly used method is a skin peel, which involves penetrating the middle layer of skin with a substance that stimulates fibroblasts in the skin. Resultantly, the skin produces elastin fibres and new collagen, which are essential proteins for the skin. The cell turnover increases and you notice visible improvement in texture and skin tone.

Scar Treatments

If you have already treated your acne, there is a chance you may still be left with scars. Its not always possible to conceal the deeper scars so you may want to consider special treatments for reducing scarring such as skin fillers and dermaroller.

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