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Hyperpigmentation results from the overproduction of melanin, a dark pigment found in the skin. Melanin's role is to protect the skin from burning when it is exposed to the sun. The overproduction of melanin darkens the skin to such an extent that brown patches develop.

Melasma is a common form of hyperpigmentation and presents as dark symmetrical patches on the skin of the jawline, cheeks, temples and forehead. Melasma can develop in pregnant women and women who are experiencing fluctuations in their hormone levels. 

Hyperpigmentation Treatments in Reading

Mild hyperpigmentation can be treated with skin creams and serums. These products are only available from a medical clinic due to their active ingredients. However, they can provide relief from dark spots. Avénes D-pigment and Skinceuticals pigment regulator are two popular treatments for mild hyperpigmentation. 

Severe hyperpigmentation can be treated in a range of ways. Deep skin peels, tranexamic acid injections and medical grade de-pigmenting creams are three ways in which to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Tranexamic acid injections remove excess pigmentation from areas that are inaccessible to over-the-counter creams. Light skin peels treat hyperpigmentation at the skin’s surface while heavy skin peels penetrate the skin’s deeper layers. Medical grade de-pigmenting creams contain ingredients such as hydroquinone. These ingredients are designed to treat dark spots. 

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