Mole Treatment in Reading

What is a Mole?

A mole is a benign growth on the skin. Moles vary in size and shape, but generally are around 1cm on average, and are visible due to a darkened colour compared to the rest of the skin. The majority of moles are formed during the first 20 years of a person's life. It is relatively uncommon for people to be born with moles. A mole is usually not a threat to a person' health.

Can Moles be Treated

Moles are regularly treated. At our clinics our team of experts lead by dermatologists treat many cases from all around Reading and the rest of the UK. Moles are often treated for cosmetic reasons. Though they are not usually damaging to health, they can knock a person's confidence and self esteem. Treatment for mole removal is quick - a mole can be totally removed in one treatment. The techniques used involve surgical removal by excision, and the use of an electric current to physically destroy the mole tissue.

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