Mole Removal in Hillingdon

Mole removal in Hillingdon is a cheap and easy procedure for anyone who’s embarrassed by unsightly moles. Dermatologist mole removal is a great option to ensure a quick mole removal and the best and most cost-effective service possible. For those who are seeking mole removal in Hillingdon, there are a number of options; Hyfrecation – which utilises an electrical current for mole removal, and shave excision. Dermatologists will be able to advise which solution will be best, and offer reassurance about the possibility of irregular moles.

Mole removal aftercare?

Hyfrecation offers minimal side effects and scarring and is suitable for most moles. In cases where the number or location make these options impossible, shave excision is a minimally invasive procedure usually performed under local anaesthetic. Most people will suffer no side effects from mole removal and it has a minimal impact on most daily activities.

Your dermatologist will advise you on the best aftercare, however in most cases this will be minor.

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