Mole Removal in Hayes

Whilst most moles do not require any treatment, it is not uncommon for them to be removed if they are deemed to be pre-cancerous or if they become significantly problematic in daily life. An example of this may be if the mole becomes regularly caught when shaving, possibly even causing it to bleed. Even if your mole does not fit into either of these categories, it may be that you find it unsightly and would like to have it removed. You can have your mole removed quickly and safely in Hayes and many other parts of the UK at specialist clinics. If you're ever concerned about a mole you should consult your doctor.

Depending on the nature of the mole and following a consultation, a dermatologist will recommend one of two following methods of removal. One method is to use an electric current which is passed through the mole, in effect destroying it. The other method does involve a minor surgical procedure which is performed under local anaesthetic. This is called a shave excision.

You may feel a little tightness of the skin following the removal of the mole but this should quickly return to normal.

If you are predisposed to moles you should ensure you're wearing sun screen daily, we always recommend Heliocare SPF 50+ Gel

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