Hillingdon pigmentation treatments

What is Hyperpigmentation?

A person's skin colour is determined by a substance called Melanin. When there is an increase of Melanin, the skin can become darker in areas which is called hyperpigmentation.

Removing Brown Spots on Skin

Lightening creams are readily available to lighten trouble areas and even out skin tone.

Among the best on the market today are Avéne D-Pigment. Available for all skin types, these lotions remove excess melanin from the skin, slow down the production of melanin, stimulate skin cell renewal and reduce the appearance of unsightly brown spots, giving you even skin tone.

Pigmentation Treatment

For people who have hyperpigmentation on the facial area, Skinceuticals Pigment Regulator offers an alternative to medical proceedures.

If your pigmentation is more stubborn, our expert team led by dermatologists can advise you on the latest treatments including; tranexamic acid injections, skin peels and specialist depigmenting creams.

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