Hillingdon acne treatments

When you have acne, that’s pretty much all you can think about. Luckily, there are many methods for treating acne without aggravating it or causing further complications. Even after treatment you may still have acne scars which are usually just as bad as acne itself. Here are some popular methods for treating acne scars:

Regenlite Laser

A new addition to laser technology, Regenlite has been proven to reduce spots and inflammation within a few weeks. The technique is completely non-invasive and targets acne-causing bacteria and triggers your skins natural repair mechanisms in the skin to reduce scars and pits. 


Because of the amazing results it has delivered in Hillingdon, dermaroller is gaining immense popularity for acne scar treatment. The procedure involves advanced micro-needling in the skin. Compared to other procedures, the down-time is minimal for dermaroller, which makes it a preferred treatment method. 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are collagen-like materials made out of both natural and synthetic materials which are injected into the affected area of the skin. Resultantly, the injected area rises to the level with the rest of the skin and makes it look firm. As a result acne scars start to diminish substantially.

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