Hayes Pigmentation Treatments

What is Hyperpigmentation?

This can be a distressing condition for those who experience it. The condition involves darkening of the skin in specific areas or spots, leading to uneven skin tone. The causes of hyper pigmentation can be varied, making it hard to predict and able to develop at any age. It can be caused by exposure to the sun with sensitive skin, hormonal imbalances, and side effects from particular medication.

Melasma Treatments in Hayes

Melasma, also known as chloasma, is often associated with pregnancy - known as 'the mask of pregnancy' due to the tendency for it to cause dark patches around the facial area. Though melasma often disappears after hormonal levels have returned to normal the excess pigmentation will remain, however it is possible to relieve the symptoms just like other types of hyper pigmentation. Hydroquinone is a prescription strength cream that has proven effective in treating melasma. Other measures you can take include limiting exposure to the sun by using a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 15, although we recommend Heliocare SPF 50+ Gel.

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