Chiswick Pigmentation Treatments

Treating Uneven Skin Tone in Chiswick

Skin tone is important to a person's appearance. Uneven skin tone caused by discolouration can cause a person to lose confidence in their image, since it has been scientifically shown that uneven skin tone can make a person appear older than their true age. 

Skin pigmentation is caused by a substance called melanin. When you tan your body produces more melanin, resulting in darker skin. Melanin can be over-produced in areas, leading to an dark patches. Hyper pigmentation refers to the condition where melanin is produced at abnormally high levels compared to the rest of the skin surface. It can occur at any age.

Hyper pigmentation is easy to treat using a variety of different medicines, methods and creams. Creams are the simplest thing to try. Skinceuticals Pigment Regulator is one product designed for use on facial areas, where pigmentation is most noticeable. It avoids the excess bleaching effect that can be a side effect of harsher skin lightening creams. 

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