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What is a Mole?

The skin mole, clinically called melanocytic nevus or nevocytic nevus, is a skin lesion containing a group of nevus cells, sometimes called melanocytes. Skin moles are typically brownish in appearance, although some moles may appear to be darker. Moles usually have circular or oval shapes, have smooth edges, and have completely flat or raised surfaces.

Having moles on the skin is completely normal, and almost all people have them. However, there are some moles that may develop into melanoma, a rare form of skin cancer that can become fatal if not detected at an early stage.

What Are the Mole Removal Methods Used by Miravue Skin Clinic?

1. Electrosurgery – Otherwise called as hyfrecation, electrosurgery is a quick procedure that involves the use of a hyfrecator, a probe-like medical equipment that cauterises the moles using high-frequency AC electrical pulses. 

2. Shave Excision – Is a quick procedure involving the use of a scalpel that slices the mole via a series of surgically-precise cuts that start from the surface of the mole down to the base of the mole. This procedure is typically done in a clinical setting with a small amount of anaesthesia applied to the patient.

Both methods are proven to be safe, quick and effective. Here at Miravue Skin Clinic, our specialists will provide you with the best advice on which method will be the most appropriate for your situation, giving you the best value for your money.

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