Richmond Acne Treatments

If you live in the Richmond area and are looking for acne treatments, let us help you. We have a team of experts lead by dermatologists, and we can create a personalised treatment plan to help you get rid of your acne or acne scars.

How to Treat Cystic Acne

Two common ways of treating cystic acne are antibiotics and retinoids. You can get antibioitics on prescription through your doctor, and these will treat the infection. However, the down side is they will not stop the acne coming back. Retinoids, however, prevent old cells from keratinizing whilst encouraging the growth of new cells. 

How to Treat Back Acne

Back acne can be treated by washing your back with a bodywash containing either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. If this doesn’t work, you can get benzoyl peroxide cream on prescription. If the acne persists you may need oral medication too. Our dermatologists are here to help you get rid of your acne quickly and effectively.

How to Treat Acne Scaring

A good way to treat acne scaring is Dermaroller, a special sterile roller with lots of pins which when rolled over the skin cause micro-punctures, which causes the skin to naturally generate up to 400% more collagen, thus reducing acne scars.

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