Regenlite laser acne treatments

Regenlite lasers can effectively treat acne, acne scars, skin blemishes, port-wine stains and spider veins. Regenlite is a pulse dye laser and comes recommended by top dermatologists for a range of treatments.

Clinical results, before and after 3 treatments

How many Regenlite laser treatments do I need?

We find that on average people need three treatments to be clear from acne, however you will see results after your first visit.
Treatments only take 10-15 minutes and are repeated once every four weeks.
After two months your acne will be reviewed and further treatments may or may not be advised.

Can Regenlite treat all acne?

The Regenlite laser is very versatile and is a fantastic treatment for most types of acne and has been clinically proven to effectively treat acne vulgaris where 87% of patients saw a substantial improvement in their acne.

The Regenlite is especially effective when treating pustular acne (white acne).

If you are suffering from cystic acne we would recommend you book a consultation with our Dermatologist.
Once cystic acne has been treated you can have Regenlite treatments on other types of acne or any acne scarring you may have.

How does Regenlite treat acne?

What you need to know:
Regenlite intelligently helps your body to boost its natural defences and skin repair systems to effectively treat itself, with no side effects.

The science bit:
Regenlite increases the production of TGFβ (Transforming Growth Factor Beta) in treated areas by up to 1500%.

      • TGFβ stimulates fibroblast activity to produce new collagen which promotes rapid wound healing and improves wrinkles & scarring.
      • TGFβ also induces regulatory T-cells which reduce inflammation, Initiate an immune response and prevents further outbreaks of acne and other conditions.
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