Laser Hair Removal in Brentford

Miravue's team of experts lead by dermatologists have been seeing people from Brentford for laser hair removal for over 20 years.

Our medical centre in Southall is fully equipped with the latest technology and all treatment rooms meet NHS hospital standards.

Laser hair treatments in Brentford

Miravue Skin Clinic use the most effective laser, the Nd:YAG, which is the only laser which can safely and effectively treat darker or pigmented skin.

The Nd:YAG is a much more effective hair removal solution than IPL hair removal.

We recommend that you have 6-8 treatments to ensure upto 95% permanent reduction in hair. You will be advised on the best number of treatments for you during your free consultation.

Even though we recommend multiple treatments you will notice a difference even after the first treatment.

We offer treatments from just the upper lip or chin all the way up to full legs or even full body laser hair removal.

Call now or send us a confidential email to book your free consultation and patch test!

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