Microdermabrasion in Norwood Green

Microdermabrasion specialists

For safe and effective treatments to rejuvenate tired skin, medical microdermabrasion is unrivalled. It relies on the careful application of tiny sterile crystals to gently lift dead skin cells and detritus from even sensitive and hard to reach areas of the skin. Full courses of treatment are available at Miravue skin care clinics in Norwood Green, typically consisting of six individual sessions at four weekly intervals. Medical microdermabrasion is only available under the guidance of trained specialists.

Improve looks quickly

Positive results are visible even from the very first session, and the effectiveness increases as the full course progresses. Revealing the lower layers of skin leaves it looking and feeling refreshed. The treatment combats wrinkles and other blemishes, including the scarring caused by acne, and because the equipment is sterile there is no danger of cross infection to other areas. Medical microdermabrasion enhances the effectiveness of any other treatments being used for acne, too.

Microdermabrasion treatments in Norwood Green

Book a course of microdermabrasion at one of our clinics in Norwood Green to benefit from the specialist guidance and care of our trained skin care technicians, and enjoy clearer, younger looking skin from the outset.

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