Norwood Green Mole Removal

Mole Treatment in Norwood Green

If you have a mole, you are not alone. Moles are quite a common phenomenon, and are usually quite benign meaning that they pose no health risk. You may wish to have treatment for mole removal, due to cosmetic or practical reasons. Our team of expert dermatologists have plenty of experience with treating moles, and see patients from all around the Norwood Green area as well as elsewhere in the UK.

Mole Prevention

Generally, you can't stop a mole from forming if you are predisposed to form moles - they are too hard to predict. You can however keep your skin healthy and prevent general blemishes as well as reduce chances of skin cancer by using appropriate sun screen while out in strong sunlight.

Can Moles be Treated?

All moles can be removed using proper procedures. One option for cheap mole removal is surgical excision or shaving - this is done using anaesthetic to numb the area. Once the skin heals after treatment, the mole will not reform. 

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