Northolt Dermaroller Treatments

What is Dermaroller?

Dermaroller is a non-invasive medical procedure, whereby a sterile roller covered in micro-needles is passed over the surface of the skin to create multiple, tiny punctures. This then stimulates the production of collagen. 

Massively boost collagen

Collagen is a naturally occurring elastic fibre that gives skin its youthful elasticity. As we age the amount of collagen decreases, which is believed to be the cause of fine lines and wrinkles. Dermaroller helps combat this by encouraging the skin to produce extra collagen; helping skin repair itself safely, naturally and without the need for harsh chemicals. 

Get rid of scarring

As the dermaroller process actually stimulates the skin to produce collagen, this can also be used to help reduce the appearance of scars, particularly those caused by severe acne as well as stretch marks. 

Dermaroller treatments in Northolt

For the best results, it is recommended that potential clients undertake treatments every 8-12 weeks, with visible results appearing after only 4-6 sessions. More importantly, the effects of dermaroller are not temporary; clinical expertise reports that the results may last for years to come.

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