Laser hair removal in Southall and Ealing

We offer ND:YAG medical-grade laser hair removal, the safest and most effective type of laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is available in all of our skin clinics: located in South Ealing and in Southall check our Contact Page for a full address and map. Check out our current OffersTreatments and Skin Conditions.

Our doctors, nurses and technicians are highly qualified and have been successfully treating in Southall and Ealing for over 20 years! Miravue Skin Clinic’s Dermatology team are dedicated to rejuvenating your skin to its natural radiance, improving your appearance and giving you confidence.

We only use the latest technology and highly tested techniques and all of our products have been clinically approved.

Types of Lasers

There are three main types of lasers used for hair removal; IPL, diode and ND:YAG. As we found that IPL and Diode laser were less effective for laser hair removal we opted to use the ND:YAG medical-grade laser, which provides the best and longest lasting results we've seen.

Laser Comparison









Single Targeted Wave Length




Safe Skin Types




It is interesting to note that IPL is not actually a laser. This means it cannot penetrate as far into the skin (dermis) ultimately resulting in less reliable results.

ND:YAG can penetrate right down into the root of a hair follicle, meaning the results are better and longer lasting.

We offer laser hair removal for men and women and can treat any part of your body. For more information about what to expect during your treatment visit our main laser hair removal page or give us a call on 020 8571 1232

Skin types

The Fitzpatrick scale is used to assess skin types. Not all lasers can treat all skin types.TYPE I: Very pale and prone to burning, never tans.

TYPE II: Pale, very sensitive to sun and often burns, hard to tan.
TYPE III: Olive, sensitive to sun and sometimes burns, tans slowly to light brown colour.
TYPE IV: Light brown, not particularly sensitive to sun but rarely burns, tans to moderate brown.
TYPE V: Brown, not sensitive to sun and rarely burns, tans well.
TYPE VI: Dark to intense brown, insensitive to sun and never burns, deeply pigmented.

ND:YAG is the only laser which can treat all skin types effectively.

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