Ickenham Pigmentation Treatments

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Each individual has a specific level of pigmentation in their skin based on ethnicity, exposure to the sun and other natural factors. Conversely, hyperpigmentation is a condition associated with increased production of the chemical melanin. Different types of this condition exist and are seen as brown or black areas of the skin. There are various treatment options available which can help restore normality to affected areas.

Ickenham Pigmentation Treatments

Most treatments are intended to either minimise the appearance of these spots or to combat this problem directly. 

Surface creams such as Skinceuticals pigment regulator and other ointments treat the epidermal layer of the skin and can help to conceal contrasting tones. Skin treatments are designed to effect the underlying layers of the skin. This area is where the discoloration originates and therefore methods such as skin peels or de-pigmenting creams which penetrate well below the surface can help give more substantial results.

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