Harefield eczema treatments

Red itchy skin

The most common symptom of eczema is discomfort and subsequent reddening of the skin. Itching skin forces scratching which then results in an increased reddening and breaking down of the skin's surface.

Eczema triggers

There are many causes of eczema so the exact trigger can be very difficult to pin down. They include dietary factors such as allergies to wheat, gluten, nuts or or any number of other foods, asa well environmental triggers such as dust, chemicals or fabrics. Physical and emotional things like stress or the weather are also linked to the condition.

Eczema treatments

Eczema can be treated with a variety of creams and lotions, ranging from strong chemical cures, to more gentle moisturisers which often feature natural extracts such as oatmeal, to help the skin protect itself. Equally, many often tackle it by treating it like an allergy and attempting to prevent themselves from coming into contact with the offending substance by changing their diet or their habits etc.

Severe eczema

At its most serious, eczema's symptoms can result in terrible lesions and scabs as the surface of the skin cracks and completely breaks down which can force the patient into hospital in extreme cases.

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