Pigmentation Treatments in Greenford

The colour of the skin is determined by a pigment known as melanin. When an individual suffers from a hormonal imbalance or an injury or illness, the amount of melanin in their skin can change. If too much melanin is produced in certain areas of the skin, patches of the skin can become darker in colour. This is known as hyperpigmentation

Melasma Treatments in Greenford

Individuals with this condition develop brown patches, typically on the skin of the face. Men and women can develop melasma. However, the condition is commonly associated with pregnancy. It usually disappears following giving birth. For those who wish to eliminate the condition with greater speed specialist treatments can be used. Skin creams such as Avénes D-pigment and Skinceuticals pigment regulator are often used as a first line of treatment against melasma. 

Individuals with melasma must limit their exposure to the sun as the sun can cause the dark patches associated with hyperpigmentation to become darker still. A sunscreen of an SPF of 50 or higher should be applied whenever outside during the day.

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