Laser Hair Removal In Ealing

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The easiest and most effective method for removing any area of excess hair is through laser hair removal. Our clinic is located close to all of the major public transport links on South Ealing Road and is very easy to get to from any part of Ealing, Northfields, Hanwell, Chiswick, Brentford and Acton. Clients who drive can take advantage of public car parking facilities located very close.

We are one of the foremost clinics dealing with laser hair removal in West London and have many clients who travel to us from the surrounding areas including Ealing, Northfields, Hanwell, Chiswick, Brentford and Acton.

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Physiotherapy in Ealing

Physiotherapy and Sports Massage Clinic close to Ealing

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Physiotherapy in Ealing

From sore muscles through to psoriasis or acne, our team of expert physiotherapists in Ealing are on hand to help, using techniques which have been medically proven to benefit a range of soft tissue and skin conditions.

Facilitate Recovery from Sports Injuries in Ealing

If you live in or around the Ealing area and are suffering from a strain, sprain or other sporting injury, there is often plenty that a physiotherapist can do to reduce pain and discomfort whilst promoting healing. From heat treatments thorough to strapping and exercises to increase strength and mobility, a physiotherapist can perform a range of treatments on injuries of various types.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation by a Qualified Physiotherapist in Ealing

With the capability to devise a bespoke exercise programme specifically customised for your particular medical needs, physiotherapy can make an enormous difference to your recovery from a stroke, heart attack or neurological trauma.

Physiotherapists in Ealing are able to improve an incredibly wide range of common chronic conditions as well as treat the after effects of traumas, making a significant difference to your health and well-being.

Microdermabrasion in Ealing

Microdermabrasion treatments

The skin naturally renews itself, but as we get older this process slows down and becomes less efficient. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells, resulting in a healthier looking complexion and improved skin texture. Microdermabrasion is a powerful form of exfoliation that uses inert crystals to: soften fine lines and wrinkles, reduce age spots, and decrease the appearance of scars. For those seeking the effective treatment of these skin conditions, Microdermabrasion is now available in Ealing.

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Eczema treatments in Ealing

No one is immune from Eczema, it can affect any person of any lifestyle at any time in their life and when the symptoms start they can be irritating, painful and in extreme cases can serious effect your health.

Eczema Triggers

There are two main types of Eczema, Atopic Eczema and Contact Dermatitis. 

Atopic Eczema is more of a genetic issue with certain individuals being prone to this type of problem simply because of their genetic structure. Common triggers include wheat, dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts and fish.

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Ealing Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers

These are injectable collagen materials, either natural or synthetic, that are used to enhance soft tissue appearance in the skin. They can help to fill out wrinkles and plump up lips, but are also used to aid the appearance of acne scars, surgery or trauma scarring and unsightly veins. 

Lip fillers

These are treatments to enhance the lips, chosen for a variety of reasons - naturally thin lips or lips that have lost their fullness and definition with age. Sometimes lipstick isn’t quite enough to cover the problem, and can ‘bleed’ through vertical wrinkles. Lip fillers can solve this problem. 

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Ealing Dermaroller treatments

What is Dermaroller?

Dermaroller is a quick and efficient skin treatment. It can be used to reduce or remove wrinkles, lines, stretch marks and scars from acne and chicken pox.

Boost collagen upto 400%

The dermaroller procedure consists of running a sterile roller across the skin. The roller performs a micro-needling action, increasing the skin's elasticity and tightening it by stimulating the production of collagen.

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Hyperpigmentation Treatments in Ealing

Hyperpigmentation results when melanin, a brown pigment present in the cells of the skin, is produced in larger quantities than usual. The level of melanin in the skin determines the tone and colour of an individual’s skin. The overproduction of melanin in certain areas causes the skin to develop dark patches, which often look unsightly. 

Melanin overproduction can occur due to an overactive immune system or trauma of the skin. Brown patches may also develop a result of exposure to the sun’s rays and hormonal imbalances or sensitivities. 

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Ealing Mole Removal

A very popular treatment at our clinic is removal of moles. Our team of expert dermatologists can remove your mole in our clinic, giving you both peace of mind and a renewed sense of confidence.

Where Do Moles Come From?

Moles are much more common in people with fair skin, and generally develop during the first 30 years of life. Pregnancy can often bring about darker moles, which may make them seem more numerous. Generally speaking, your likelihood of having moles is genetic. 

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Ealing Acne Treatments

If you live in Ealing and are having problems with Acne, let our team of experts help you. Our dermatologists can tailor an acne treatment plan specifically for you. 

What are the causes of acne?

Acne can be caused by our hair follicles getting clogged up due to our sebaceous glands creating too much oil. Although this can happen in adults, and often happens in women due to hormonal changes associated with menstruation, pregnancy or polycystic ovaries. It is however more common in teenagers due to changing levels of hormones which happens during puberty.

How to combat acne?

Well, one of the best ways to get rid of acne is to use laser treatment. Regenlite, the laser treatment we use, works by boosting your body’s natural skin repair systems, and is particularly good for getting rid of pustular acne. However, for those with cystic acne, you will need to see  one of our dermatologists to advise you on effective treatment first.

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