Why do we sweat?

Do you ever wonder why you sweat after a workout or on a hot day?

While sweating can be embarrassing when it causes underarm stains on your shirts and creates funky odour, it actually has benefits for the body. Find out below why sweat really is good for the body.

Sweating, or perspiring, is a natural process of the body. You won't usually notice the fluid though because a lot of the moisture absorbs into the air. When you exercise, your body produces excess sweat as a way to keep you from overheating. The sweat, released from the apocrine glands, is an effective way to cool off the body during exercise.

You also sweat more than usual when you are in a warm environment. Again, the body perspires to cool its internal temperature. Sweating occurs when you are anxious or fearful too, or during hormonal changes.

An additional benefit of sweating is that it opens up pores in your skin, releasing any debris built up within the pores. When you gently wash your face later in the day, such as after your workout, you help keep your skin clean so that pimples are less likely to form.

Excessive sweating is common, and it makes many people self-conscious. The underarms is where sweat usually develops, as well as on the face, feet and hands. People may limit going to warm places or wear all black to mask any sweat stains that develop.

When excess sweating is due to a condition called Hyperhidrosis, the sufferer has several helpful options, ranging from using medicated deodorants to getting non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers, which target the sweat glands to reduce how much sweat it produces.

To learn more about sweat and ways to alleviate excess perspiration, please contact our team of dermatologists. We enjoy answering your skin-related questions and offering quality advice.


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