Plump Up The Volume

Brimming with chubby cheek envy? It's time to discover dermal fillers

Nothing radiates health quite like youthful, flushed, plump cheeks. But if, like me, you've already spied the beginnings of volume loss that will inevitably give way to the dreaded deflated balloon effect, now is the perfect time to ponder a boost.

We all understand that a little bit of wilting is a natural part of ageing. But be warned, for some this inevitable process of feeling a bit slack, can also be fast tracked by lifestyle choices such as smoking and crash dieting. Its sods law that the uber fit can also suffer from volume loss leaving that healthy bod in need of a matching equally healthy full face.

It's a good idea to keep tabs on how your skins ageing by considering the V-shape' rule. Basically youthful faces tend to be fuller and firmer and they follow a heart shaped silhouette due to a V-shaped volume distribution. As the effects of ageing take hold and our volume is reduced, our V slowly turns upside down as proportions begin to shift downwards.

The key areas to keep an eye on for signs of deflation are: the cheeks, brows, under eye and around the lips. With greater volume loss the face can appear gaunt and the cheeks can slump down from their usual perky place. This can lead to sagging skin below the jawline (jowls), folds beneath the corners of the mouth (oral commissures) and fold beneath the corners of the mouth (oral commissures).

Now getting down to the nitty gritty, we realize the face deflates over time but we need to ask what evil masters are at work behind this? With age there is a gradual decrease of hyaluronic acid content in the skin, which lowers the skins ability to hold water and stay supple, leaving skin dull and thirsty. Alongside this we find collagen production slows down. The result is the skin starts to look loose and inevitable papery fine lines begin to appear - a far cry from the healthy plump face I target.

Here's what you need to know about volume boosting treatments: they re-plump the skin and resume the previous proportions of the face back into it's V. It's a helping hand in lifting your proportions back to their rightful place and smoothing out those little fine wrinkles. Basically you're inflating that balloon back to its earlier glory.


Go for the dermal filler Radiesse for a volume surge with immediate skin smoothing effects. This gel-matrix of calcium boosts the areas affected by loss of volume, reversing the dropping process by pushing the skin back up and giving that sought-after V shape and filling out any fine lines. An added bonus is Radiesse also kick-starts the production of your own natural collagen for added replenishing effects. It can be put to work on the cheeks and jowls, the areas that suffer from the dreaded droop. This dermal filler keeps working at volumizing your face for a whopping 12 months. An ideal long-lasting solution resulting in a fresh, youthfully plump face.

Now who's causing the cheek envy?

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