The shocking power of the sun

asymmetrical skin ageingThis striking photo shows us why you should wear sun screen every day!

Truck driver William McElligott had one side of his face bombarded by the sun for 28 years while the right side remained protected in the shade, resulting in the exposed side showing damaging signs of photoageing.

Children are at the highest risk of sun damage while outside without sun screen. Experts say the most sun damage is done to our skin before we reach 20 and you should wear sun screen every day.

Deep lines and wrinkles, sagging and un-even skin tone you see in the picture are all caused by UVA destroying the skin’s important support structures, elastin and collagen.

Drivers feel protected from the sun behind the glass of their windows as glass blocks UVB rays (which cause tanning) however they still let UVA rays pass through, which can destroy your skin’s support structures.

Sun protection

Protect your skin from the sun make sure you wear sun screen every day, we recommend Heliocare SPF 50.

In the middle of summer you should also wear a hat and seek the shade between 10am and 4pm if you are especially sensitive to the sun.

Can you replace lost collagen?

If your skin has lost its smooth structure there are treatments which can help boost collagen production, making the skin smoother and tighter.

Dermaroller is an effective collagen replenishing treatment which can help your skin bounce back.

If you’re concerned about sun damage or your skin our dermatologists can give you expert advice and treatment.

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