Top 5 benefits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal treatments are all about getting rid of unwanted hair, for that smoother, cleaner look you want. The popular cosmetic procedure uses highly-concentrated beams of light to damage targeted hair follicles and prevent future growth. Here are the top five awesome benefits of laser hair removal, and they might just surprise you!

  1. Target unwanted hairs. With a series of treatments (usually 8-12), many people can say "see you later" to having to remove hairs themselves in the targeted areas for up to several years. Where are popular areas to target? You've got it: the face, leg, underarm, arm and bikini line. Imagine those areas gloriously smooth and stubble free.

  2. Goodbye shaving and waxing. While exactly how long hair remains gone is hard to say, it's sure nice to break free from messing with razors, wax strips and depilatory creams! And,imagine the time you'll save when you don't need them for a long time.

  3. Less pain, people. Worried about pain? Laser hair treatments are less painful than threading or waxing, assures our dermatologists. Discomfort is mild with our qualified laser operators and the best cooling equipment available. Safety of our patients is paramount to us too.

  4. Hello short treatments! Did we mention there's none of this being stuck in a doctor's office for hours? One treatment can be as short as 10 minutes. Average time is 10-40 minutes, although larger areas can take longer. So next time you're thinking of getting a manicure done, here's an alternative that also helps you look your best!

  5. Adapts to your schedule. Many people don't realise how spread out time is between laser hair removal appointments. Often, a client comes in every 4-6 weeks for treatments targeting a specific area. Combine that with a short appointment time, and you don't have to worry about major upsets to your schedule.

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