8 Morning Rituals to Give You Healthy Looking Skin

Impress the world with your healthy looking skin!

If you want to impress the world with your healthy looking skin, there are some effective morning rituals that you should consider adding to your routine. You don’t have to adapt all of these suggestions to see an improvement, but some of the things you might try would include:

1. Start the Day with a Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are not only incredibly nutritious, but they can also mean you enjoy clearer skin that has a healthy glow. It is usually easier to focus on eating the right types of food rather than trying to avoid certain foods. If you are starting the day off with a healthy smoothie, it can encourage you to make good food choices for the rest of the day.

2. Rehydrate with a Large Glass of Water

Lots of people are chronically dehydrated, they don’t even realise it, and this has a negative impact on the state of their skin. The fact that you have been sleeping all night means that you haven’t been drinking but a large glass of water first thing can help to replenish your fluids.

3. Consider a Cold Shower

If you want to be hard core in pursuit of healthy looking skin, you could add a cold shower to your morning ritual. People who do this regularly say it leads to a noticeable improvement in the look of their skin.

4. Feel Some Gratitude

If you start off by remembering all the good in your life, it can put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Happiness tends to show in the state of your skin, and a lot of gratitude can make you beam.

5. Do Some Meditation

Meditation helps you relax and manage your stress levels, and this is going to have an impact on the health of your skin.

6. Protect Your Skin Before Going Out into the Sun

During the summer months, you would be wise to make applying sun protection cream one of your rituals. The rays of the sun can cause a lot of damage if you are not careful.  

7. Use Moisturiser

Moisturiser helps to keep your skin hydrated – just make sure you choose the one that is most appropriate for your skin

8. Carefully Assess the Condition of Your Skin Each Morning

As well as your regular morning rituals, it is also important to assess the current condition of your skin. If you are starting to notice signs of ageing, or your complexion is held back by too much dead skin, you might want to schedule an appointment with us here at the Miravue Skin Clinic.


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