5 Celebrities you didn’t know have eczema

You've likely heard of the skin condition called eczema, but did you know that some of your favourite celebrities have it? Eczema is a term used to describe a whole range of skin conditions, and it's usually characterised by dry skin with red and itchy patches. Can't think of a celebrity who you've seen with inflamed skin? You may be surprised which five celebs make the list:

1. Kate Middleton – Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge has eczema. Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William recently explained that as a teenager she was bullied by other girls at her boarding school for having red, flaky skin. And, she is allergic to horses too (allergies can worsen the condition), keeping her from taking a front seat at the Royal family's equestrian events.

2. Adele – Popular singer Adele has explained that her eczema was caused by boiling bottles for her son. Eczema often occurs on hands, elbows, behind the knees, nape of the neck, as well as around the eyes and ears. Eczema is also affected by the weather and the season, but it's different for each person. Adele may already be aware that autumn is usually the worst season for sufferers as central heating goes up, which dries up the air.

3. Jade Jagger – Jewellery designer and former model Jade Jagger has the skin condition and explains that when she was a child, she blamed herself for the disorder. However, research shows that eczema is caused a combination of genetic and environmental factors. It does not have only one cause.

4. Nicole Kidman – Perhaps one reason for actress Nicole Kidman's shyness is her struggle with eczema. The skin disorder can leave sufferers' skin red, cracked and even bleeding at times. While she is known for her clear porcelain skin, Nicole Kidman has been photographed trying to hide behind blotchy hands that were perhaps aggravated by the skin disorder.

5. Brad Pitt – Did you know Brad Pitt has eczema? Yes, it affects both men and women. When he filmed "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," the make-up he wore for his part aggravated his skin. His co-star Cate Blanchett revealed she lent him skin cream to help ease his itchy skin. While there is no cure for eczema, dermatologists can recommend creams that help ease the pain and discomfort associated with it.

Eczema is more common than you may realise, for adults and children. About 1 in 9 people have been diagnosed with this skin disorder during their lifetime, according to recent statistics of England. To find out more about it, feel free to talk with our expert dermatologist team.

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