Dermal fillers for scars

Dermal fillers for scars: Do they work?

Dermal Fillers, a popular choice of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, are now being used for scars - but does it work?

The treatments target scars caused by acne, surgery and more, with the goals to get smoother-looking skin and increase self-confidence.

The effects of collagen on scars

During the procedure, dermal fillers containing collagen material are injected into the skin by a dermatologist. The dosage varies depending on the type of scar (or multiple scars) being treated. The collagen filler works by breaking up some of the bands that pull the skin surface downward in the dermis, or the second layer of the skin.

So why use collagen? Dermal fillers contain the protein collagen because of its amazing benefits. Collagen naturally occurs in the skin, performing vital tasks such as helping cells grow. Collagen levels in the skin decrease over time, contributing to scar formation. Dermal filler injections provide a welcome way to increase the amounts of the protein. By using the fillers, skin can look smooth once again.

The results of dermal fillers for scars

Dermal fillers have amazing effects for the skin, all without requiring you to go under the knife. You can begin to see results right after the procedure. Improvement in skin appearance can last from a few months to a year. The length varies, depending on factors such as the kind of skin filler used, skin type and type of scarring.

Our professional team proudly uses Juvaderm ULTRA® skin fillers to provide top-quality results you deserve. Juvaderm ULTRA® is produced by the company that brought you Botox®. Our dermal fillers are the most effective ones currently available, providing longer-lasting results and smoother-looking skin than competitor brands.

Our dermatological experts are able to answer your questions about dermal fillers for scars and advise you whether skin fillers are a suitable option for improving the appearance of your scars. Feel free to contact our friendly team today.


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