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From expectant mums through to older folk, physiotherapy in the Cranford area can help reduce the risk of injury and promote well-being.

Exercises for a Healthy Pregnancy

Mums-to-be can benefit greatly from antenatal advice from a qualified physiotherapist. Medically trained and fully qualified, a physiotherapist can advise on techniques to tone and strengthen muscles used during pregnancy and birth, as well as offering information on safe exercising during pregnancy and after the birth. Relaxation and deep-breathing exercises can also be explained and practised; both of these are valuable techniques to use as part of a natural birth.

Mobilisation Exercises After Illness

Particularly where an illness has involved a considerable period of bed rest, patients can become quite weak and suffer from reduced mobility. A physiotherapist in the Cranford area can assist with a personalised exercise regime, designed to gradually increase a person’s strength and ability to mobilise. This can include advice on safe transfers from the bed to a commode or wheel chair transfers to the shower or toilet.

Chair Based Exercise

Just because walking may not be an option, there’s no reason why you can’t participate in a chair based exercise regime. If you live in Cranford, your local physiotherapist can give you a complete workout to improve cardio vascular efficiency as well as increase mobility and strength, which can be undertaken entirely whilst sitting down.

Make an appointment with a physiotherapist in Cranford and discover how they can help you improve your quality of life.

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